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London born and based artist combining motherhood with artistry,

living room / kitchen with art studio.

Studying sculpture at Camberwell College of Art and Sir John Cass encouraged

the joining of sculpture and performance, which developed into a series of

sculptural performative pieces in London galleries as well as residency projects.


Having become a single parent of three, a creative pause / diversion took place for some time, which included the  making and selling of Polish street food, which was consumed with the same type of plastic tableware which would later be one of the making materials for sculptural work.


Fundamentally stemming from a sculptural core, having redirected back creatively,

a recently occurring spin off into various creative tangents has enabled a progression of practice into previously unexplored areas. These include the making of miniature art, as well as digital collage and manipulation, which have created the opportunities to be involved in mail art exhibitions, virtual galleries, as well as online publications.


From a deep rooted sculptural core, the 'typically feminine' psychosocial trait of producing obsessive work is often playfully explored, involving a repetitive and / or arduous process. This repetition works alongside meticulousness and / or a visceral fleshification with bumpy surfaces or clusters, which becomes an embracement of trypophobia. 

The manipulation of household wares such as melting plastic wine glasses, along with traditional DIY and art materials such as expanding foam, modroc, liquid latex and ink, creates a rebirth of the quotidien...

Sculptural objects emerge as bestial, insectile or mollusc creatures, which stand alone in their own form, as well as being extended performatively through photographic documentation of object interaction with space / artist, digital manipulation and

sculptural dissection.

The creatures perform, extend, warp, redefine, articulate, fragment and multiply.

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